Our story

In 2022, Bharat Bhandari, a seasoned accountant with a decade of industry experience, founded Bitcoin Accountant. This innovative venture was born from a clear vision: to bridge the gap between the intricate world of cryptocurrency investments and the complex realm of tax implications.

At the helm of Bitcoin Accountant is Bharat, who also leads BCA Accountants in Greater Manchester. His extensive experience spans over 10 years, during which he has collaborated with a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to various businesses. Bharat’s journey in the accounting field is marked by his commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the financial nuances that his clients face.

Innovating in the crypto space

The inception of Bitcoin Accountant is more than just a business endeavour; it’s a culmination of Bharat’s dual passions: his professional expertise in accounting and his passion for cryptocurrency investment. This unique blend of interests and skills positions Bitcoin Accountant at the forefront of crypto-accounting services.

Bharat’s involvement in the cryptocurrency sector extends beyond mere investment. He has been instrumental in conceptualising and developing AltCoins, showcasing his innovative spirit and deep engagement with the crypto world. This hands-on experience with cryptocurrency creation and management adds a layer of practical insight to the services offered at Bitcoin Accountant.

Why Bitcoin Accountant stands out

At Bitcoin Accountant, we don’t just crunch numbers; we’re at the cutting edge of cryptocurrency trends and tax strategies. Our firm is more than a traditional accounting service — it’s a specialised consultancy that understands the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto space. With Bharat’s leadership and expertise, we’re equipped to navigate the complexities of crypto taxes for our clients, ensuring clarity, compliance, and optimised financial outcomes.