New(ish) crypto traders and investors

At Bitcoin Accountant, we specialise in guiding first-time crypto filers through the tax process with ease. Our goal is to demystify the often complex and intimidating world of cryptocurrency taxation, ensuring you don’t get lost in complicated jargon or time-consuming tasks.

Our services include

  • Understanding Your Crypto Tax Situation: We empower you to clearly grasp your tax responsibilities in the realm of cryptocurrency.
  • Crypto Tax Return Preparation and Filing: Trust our team to accurately sort and file your crypto tax return.
  • Personalised Crypto Tax Advice: Gain insights from accredited tax accountants, with advice tailored to your specific situation in the crypto market.

Key information to know

  • Threshold for Filing a Crypto Tax Return: Understanding when and how your crypto activities become taxable.
  • Crypto Tax Rates and Regulations: Familiarising yourself with how cryptocurrency transactions are taxed in the UK.
  • Capital Gains Tax on Cryptocurrencies: Understanding how and when your crypto gains are subject to taxation.
  • Tax Efficiency in Crypto Investing: Strategies for lawfully minimising tax liabilities on your crypto transactions.
  • Navigating Crypto Tax for First-Timers: Simplifying the process for those new to cryptocurrency taxation.
  • Reporting Crypto Transactions: How to accurately report various types of crypto transactions to HMRC.

Our commitment to you

As first-time crypto filers, you can rely on Bitcoin Accountant for comprehensive support. From filing your crypto tax return to understanding the nuances of crypto taxation, our accredited accountants are here to manage your taxes, ensuring a mistake-free and stress-free experience.

Begin your crypto tax filing journey with the assurance of expert guidance and support. Our team is dedicated to keeping your crypto tax situation clear, compliant, and optimised for your benefit.