Our process

Our cryptocurrency tax return process is tailored for accuracy and efficiency

Step 1: Understanding your crypto activity

The first step in our process is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your cryptocurrency dealings. This is crucial to ensure that your tax obligations are accurately assessed and that you’re paying the right amount of tax.

Step 2: Simplifying tax calculation with Koinly

To streamline the tax calculation process, we recommend using Koinly*, a user-friendly cryptocurrency tax software. Koinly can generate a detailed tax report in under 20 minutes, effectively calculating your cryptocurrency taxes and offering insights to potentially reduce them for the next year.

Step 3: Review and submission options

After obtaining your Koinly report, you have two paths:

  • Self-submission: You can choose to submit your tax report directly to HMRC.
  • Work with us: Alternatively, work with us to verify the accuracy of your report and ensure proper completion of all necessary forms. Please note, the final submission remains your responsibility.

Our service packages

We offer three levels of service depending on your needs. Learn more about our services.

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